Reporting the water level is one of the most important aspects of an inspection but we also must ensure that all facets of it are functioning properly.  Verifying that there are no leaks with the manifold and making sure that the water is flowing properly to the drinker is a must.  Walking the pipeline and inspecting it with every step will complete this process.  Removing any debris from the drinker and making minor repairs is very helpful.  Everyone is encouraged to take many pictures, be observant of wildlife and report all findings and details to the FDB or Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW).


A membership unselfishly dedicated to the welfare and conservation of Desert Bighorn and Nevada's wildlife.

The Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn (FDB) started in Las Vegas in 1964 and is the world’s oldest wild sheep conservation group.  At that time there were fewer than 2,000 bighorn sheep in Nevada (from historic highs of 30,000).  Now there are approximately 12,000 bighorn sheep in the state…more than any other in the lower 48.


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