Although nearly every project is inspected during our Spring Maintenance Flights, it is imperative that all projects be checked during the very important summer months.  The guzzlers are vitally important to wildlife during the summer heat so we must ensure that they are functioning properly.  It is also important to know the water levels at each project.  During times of drought, the FDB and Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW) will sometimes haul water to projects (which is a very expensive endeavor).  Water level information needs to be known before it is too late for our desert bighorn and other wildlife.  If you volunteer, your work is rewarded so be sure to track your hours.  The Federal Government will pay 3x the hourly wage to NDOW for every hour you volunteer!  So contact us today to “Adopt a Project” and check on it each month.


A membership unselfishly dedicated to the welfare and conservation of Desert Bighorn and Nevada's wildlife.

The Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn (FDB) started in Las Vegas in 1964 and is the world’s oldest wild sheep conservation group.  At that time there were fewer than 2,000 bighorn sheep in Nevada (from historic highs of 30,000).  Now there are approximately 12,000 bighorn sheep in the state…more than any other in the lower 48.


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